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The One Initiative: Working with Purpose, Making a Difference

Picture this:

No matter what your current occupation is, imagine what it would it be like if your every accomplishment was matched with a gift…

But for someone else.

For example, if you’re a plumber, imagine that for every leaky faucet fixed, you gave a warm blanket to someone in need. Or if you’re a retail cashier, every purchase you rung up was met with a cool beverage to an exhausted laborer.

How would this change how you see work?

We can attest, that after providing over 6.5 million meals to hungry children through the One Initiative, it changes everything.


What exactly is the One Initiative?

The One Initiative is a united effort between two companies, C.R. England and England Logistics, to fight childhood hunger. Whenever C.R. England successfully delivers a load, or whenever England Logistics completes a business transaction, a donation is made toward a meal for a hungry child through the initiative.

Because of the nature of the donation structure, every member of our team is actively providing relief to children in need. And as each team member has played their part in changing lives, we found that a few interesting things happened.


What Changed for Us

On the websites of C.R. England and England Logistics, there are counters that actively track the number of meals provided through the One Initiative. Despite the enormity of the increasing number, the counter tracks meals down to the single digits.

This focus on the individual has been a staple of the One Initiative mentality. By focusing on One, our team has experienced a newfound sense of purpose in every task, given that every effort is working to relieve the hardship of another.

Consequently, our team tends to cheer louder at meetings when revenue is reported with children fed, and when profit is correlative with purpose. With more reasons to celebrate, and every one of those reasons better off because of our work, it’s easier to work a little harder, a little longer.


What Changed for Everyone Around Us

The Nordendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedebab, Gujurat, India boasts the highest occupancy of any stadium in the world, able to house a staggering 132,000 individuals at one time.

Since 2018, the One Initiative has fed over 6.5 million children. That’s the enough people to fill the largest stadium in the world 45 times! Inevitably, such a giant impact causes word to get around.

The connections fostered because of the One Initiative have anchored us in the community, and have shown us the people and places that give it life.


What Can Change for You

We’re determined to find others that count ‘lives changed’ as their metric of success. If you’re looking to change the way you see work, join our team.


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