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Team Member Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: William

By August 28, 2019 No Comments

William, Senior IT Manager from Southfield, Michigan is our spotlight Cares Team volunteer this month. His heavy involvement with planning and purchasing items during their CANstruction contest was pivotal last fall.

Q: What was your first interaction with the One Initiative?

WM: My first interaction with the One Initiative was my second week at England Logistics, when my office had a fundraiser breakfast. This went well enough that it was repeated a few more times. Of course, each week during our banner meeting we can see the impact we are making in helping EL feed children.

Q: Why do you feel the One Initiative is important?

WM: Childhood is the most important time for physical and mental development. Lack of proper nutrition will hold a person back, negatively impacting their life to come. At England Logistics, our focus on fighting childhood hunger helps to combat these issues.

Q: Please share your favorite experience that you had while volunteering with the One Initiative.

WM: Last year, we held a can good drive, where the office came together to donate food. There was a contest to use the donated items to create a scene or picture. Our team was overly ambitious and attempted to build a two-dimensional picture of Super Mario. Unfortunately, our structure toppled before we finished. Everyone enjoyed the activity.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish going forward?

WM: At England Logistics, we have a culture of giving/community involvement. Our goal in Southfield is to do our part in moving the needle: One Employee, One Customer, One Community at a Time.

Q: How would you recommend that others get involved in the One Initiative?

WM: Our management supports and promotes awareness of the One Initiative. Finding and participating in opportunities is key.