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Team Member Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight – Dylan

By August 25, 2023 No Comments
Dylan is passionate about serving others and volunteering with the One Initiative. Take a look at his spotlight to learn more about him!

One: How did you get involved with the One Initiative?

Dylan: I told my boss I was interested, and he gave me the information. That was one of the things I spoke about when I interviewed for the position I have now. I wanted to be involved with something that would make a difference or would help the community, and that’s how I heard about the One Initiative. So I was interested in it even before I got hired by C.R. England.

One: Why do you choose to contribute your time in this way?

Dylan: I can go out and help these kids, or these families have this food. That helps make me more grateful for what I already have and my opportunity to give back.

One: That’s a really good perspective. Have you had any particularly memorable experiences volunteering?

Dylan: When we’ve been in the schools giving out food and seeing the kids, some of them are really excited to have the bag. We have had a couple of kids come up and ask for another one.

How do you say no to a child who you know doesn’t have enough to eat and they’re asking for more? That sticks out in my mind, as a few kids have done that.

You can have more of a one-on-one experience when you deliver food boxes to homes. You bring the food into their houses and have a small conversation with them. It’s not a long conversation, but they have been so thankful for the food. You get to walk in and see what their house is like and where they live, and you know they don’t have much. You know they are being sincere, and they try to learn a little bit about you. That happens every time I give the food boxes, and it does mean a lot to those people; they’re thankful for what they have been given.

One: What would you say to somebody that was thinking about volunteering but wasn’t sure if they were going to do it?

Dylan: Just from my personal experiences, you get to meet people, and there is just something about serving and giving back that you can’t get any other way. You put yourself to the side and spend time. We’re all busy with work, and I have things I need to do, but the days that I go and give food boxes and help with the food pantry seem like I am always the busiest, but there is no better use of your time than doing that.

It’s not something that will show up on your bonus card, but you know you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, and honestly, that’s more important.

We are all human and have needs, and if we can help each other, that’s what is most important. You see those kids smiling when they get the food and those experiences in homes delivering food, and there is nothing better. I don’t know how else to say it other than serving gives you one of the best feelings you can ever have. So if you’re thinking about getting involved, don’t hesitate. There are opportunities all around us to touch the lives of people that need it.


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