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How Giving Tuesday Fights Childhood Hunger

By November 14, 2023 No Comments
Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to fight childhood hunger through donations, service opportunities, or random acts of kindness.

November 28, 2023, is Giving Tuesday. This is a global day of giving that was created in 2012 in New York City as a way to encourage people to do good. GivingTuesday is now a nonprofit that seeks to do good throughout the world by inspiring others. Although Giving Tuesday is one day the nonprofit encourages participation throughout the year. There are many ways to participate in this day of positivity including donating, volunteering, or just doing a simple act of kindness sometime during your day.


There are many organizations you could choose to donate to on Giving Tuesday. Food banks, school meal programs, the One Initiative, or nonprofits like Feeding America all help to get meals to food insecure children and make a great choice for a donation during the holidays. There are some organizations that will match your donations which could help you to double your impact. Food banks and those that fight hunger need donations most during the holidays and greatly appreciate the extra attention that Giving Tuesday provides.


Service Opportunities

In addition to donations Giving Tuesday encourages service opportunities as well. Some are organized by the nonprofit but there are many others who organize events to benefit their local communities on this day. Food banks often need more volunteers than they have so they are a great choice if you are looking for somewhere to serve this Giving Tuesday. You can also help fight hunger in your community by organizing a food drive.


Acts of Kindness

In addition to donations of time and money Giving Tuesday is all about random acts of kindness. These could be anything from buying a stranger their meal to writing a nice note for a friend. You can even take the kindness to social media and make posts with #givingtuesday. Through your acts of kindness, you could relieve stress from someone who struggles to get enough to eat or encourage donations to your local food bank on social media. Even a simple act can have a big impact.


Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to fight childhood hunger through donations, service opportunities, or random acts of kindness. On average nonprofits receive 10x more donations on Giving Tuesday with an average donation of $159. Food banks rely on donations like these to be able to serve those struggling with food insecurity and Giving Tuesday is a huge help moving into the holiday season. Visit their website at to learn more about Giving Tuesday and to get more ideas about how to give back.


The One Initiative unites C.R. England and England Logistics in the fight to end childhood hunger. Learn more about the work of the One Initiative at