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4 Benefits of Fighting Childhood Hunger

By November 17, 2020 No Comments

Say you’re scrolling through your social media feed. Buried beneath the ocean of cat videos and politics, you stumble across a post for the One Initiative about fighting hunger. After reading about the enormous impact even one donation can make in the life of a child, you pitch in a few bucks.

Out of this spontaneous generosity, a child’s life is changed, a better future is secured, and you leave the exchange feeling empowered, fulfilled, and anxious to do good—all because of a moment of empathy.

The fight against childhood hunger is a serious one, but the participation in its cause is often a source of joy.

The benefits of joining the fight are many-fold. Here are just a few reasons that combatting childhood hunger can be life changing.


  1. Fighters have purpose.  

Purpose is more than just having something to do; it’s having to do with something greater than yourself. By connecting to a greater cause, like fighting childhood hunger, not only will you feel better about yourself[1], but you’ll experience greater optimism for your own future.[2]


  1. Fighters are less stressed.

Counteracting stress with more work may seem counterintuitive: How can more work equate to less stress?

Specifically during volunteering, meaningful connections are abundant. As individuals unite in empathy for the well-being of another, a bond is formed. Relationships of this variety facilitate joy, and consequently mitigate stress.[3]

This same logic can be applied to donations and charity. The thrill of giving to a good cause can produce enough joy to combat stress.


  1. Fighters really change lives.

When you provide a meal to a hungry child, your donation extends far beyond a full belly.

Without proper nutrition, school can be a daunting endeavor for hungry kiddos. But, when fed and focused, children are given the resources they need to thrive—all because of a few dollars were provided in generosity.

You never know to what extent your donation will change a life.


  1. Fighters set an example. 

Charitable giving seems to be especially prone to the domino effect. Whether your closest peers are your co-workers or your kiddos, demonstrating active charity can demonstrate just how easy making an impact can be, and encourage others to follow suit! Next time you donate, don’t be afraid to be generous… and vocal!

Just by the grace of giving, a myriad of life-altering benefits can be enjoyed. So, if you’re looking to relieve stress, find purpose, and change lives, including those of your peers, consider sparing a few bucks or a little of your time for a child in need.










The One Initiative unites C.R England and England Logistics in the fight to end childhood hunger. Learn more about work of the One Initiative at